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Industrial Health Services Network, Inc.
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Hudson, WI 54016
(800) 880-4444
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What Sets IHSN Apart?
There are many things that set IHSN apart from the competition.  Many companies promise great service, and services that sound similar to IHSN but there are many differences that make IHSN stand out above the rest.  

Here is briefly what sets us apart:

Customer Service
Customer Service is our first priority at IHSN.  We are dedicated to keeping your business long term by providing you exceptional service and value.  We guarantee that we will meet or exceed all of your service expectations.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
Many other companies promise quality service, but IHSN guarantees it!  As far as we know, IHSN is the only drug testing company that offers a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our MRO Services Department
Many other drug testing providers outsource their Medical Review Officer (MRO) work to other companies.  IHSN does not outsource our MRO work. Instead we've established our own MRO Services Department.  What does this mean to you? 

 IHSN is not dependent upon other service providers to deliver timely results to you.  IHSN doesn't just promise rapid result reporting -- we deliver it.  You can also be confident in knowing that IHSN is providing all of your services, and that your testing will always be handled in accordance with DOT regulations, if applicable.

Correction Of Common Collection Mistakes
Let's face it -- collection site personnel are people.  People make mistakes.  Sooner or later, an error will be made on a custody and control form by one of your collection sites.  Most MRO's rely on the lab to correct these errors, which means that your specimen is placed on hold and sent to a correction department along with hundreds of other specimens requiring corrective action. This process can take several days to complete costing  you time and revenue.  What does it cost you to have a truck stand still or a job position vacant for two to three days while you wait for a test result? 

IHSN, on the other hand,  expedites the correction process by coordinating with the collector to correct the error.  Our MRO Services Department is committed to going the extra mile ensuring you receive your test results as rapidly as possible.  This commitment to excellence speeds up the processing time for Custody and Control form errors saving you time and money.  

Compliance Assistance
Many companies say that they can assist you with regulation questions, however, in practice many of these companies simply refer you to complex regulation guides.

IHSN's client services staff are provided comprehensive training on testing procedures and DOT regulations.  You can be confident in the fact that IHSN's client services staff will have an answer for you, and that they have the resources behind them to make sure that any issue you come across can be taken care of efficiently, and within DOT regulations.

Collection Site Referral and Account Setup
Many companies define collection site referral and set-up  services as giving you the name and phone number of a collection site from a database listing or directing you to a web site to search for a site in your area. Then it is up to you to call and make all the arrangements with the site for services.

At IHSN, collection site referral and account setup services means that we get on the phone and call local collection sites in your designated areas.  We qualify the collection sites to ensure that they have the equipment and resources necessary to perform the service you require.  We then establish your account at the site, arrange for testing supplies to be shipped to you or your sites, and follow up to make sure that everything is set up properly. 

SAP Referral
It is common practice to simply provide the name and phone number of an SAP from a database listing and call it a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) referral.

When IHSN issues an SAP referral, we call local providers in your area and find an individual who meets the qualifications of a substance abuse professional.  We then obtain a written certification statement from the SAP  stating that they meet the qualification under the DOT regulations along with a copy of their medical license or other certification and DOT training documentation.  We then provide you, the employer, with copies of this information for you to retain in the event of a DOT Audit.

24/7 Emergency Service and Post Accident Setup
It's 3:00 in the morning.  One of your employees was just involved in an accident near a town called Nowhere, USA.  You need to get the employee drug tested within stringent time limits.  How are you going to do it?

Call IHSN.  IHSN's 24 Hour service is unlike any of our competitor's.  At 3:00 in the morning, our on call representatives will call all of the collection sites within a reasonable distance of your employee's location and find you a qualified collection site that is open, and then make all of the arrangements necessary for you.  If a qualified site cannot be found within a reasonable distance, we will provide you with written documentation for your files for use in the event of a DOT audit.

Other companies (If they offer 24 hour service at all) will simply provide you with the name and phone number of a site from a database listing.  The last thing you need at 3:00 in the morning is to try to find someone to perform a drug test collection, especially while dealing with an accident.  You need a drug testing company who will stand behind you and make sure that circumstances like these are handled professionally.

Random Selections That Can't be Beat
Other companies provide random selections, right?  Sure they do, but none beat IHSN's service.  Why?  Because IHSN's random selection service was designed based upon feedback from our clients.  

From the ground up, every aspect of our random selection service was designed with you in mind.  From our friendly random list reminders that make updating your employee list a breeze, to our comprehensive progress reports that help you get your testing done on time, our random selection procedures are designed to make your life easier.

IHSNews Keeps you informed
"IHSNews", IHSN's monthly newsletter, keeps you informed of new regulations, practices, and other key information to keep your drug testing program running smoothly.

Online Regulation and Compliance Center
IHSN has a clients only area on our web site filled with DOT Regulations, interpretive guidance, past newsletters, frequently asked questions, common forms and guides, and much, much, more.  All online, and available for you 24 hours a day.

Still not convinced that we stand out?  Give us a call at (800) 880-4444. We would be happy to discuss our services with you.