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IHSN Program Resources
IHSN offers the following program management tools to help you keep your drug testing program running smoothly and efficiently.

Cab Packs
A Cab Pack is a sealed collection kit that contains all the items necessary to perform a urine specimen collection - split specimen bottle kit, custody & control form, and courier shipping documentation. The cab pack is designed to be kept aboard a vehicle for post accident, random or other emergency on the road testing situations. If a test needs to be completed in a location where you do not have a regular collection facility, the employee can carry this kit into the collection site.  We highly recommend having a cab pack for each of your vehicles to facilitate post accident testing and to decrease the possibility of errors during post accident or other emergency testing situations.

IHSN FMCSA Forms Packet
The IHSN Drug & Alcohol Testing Forms Packet is designed to aid employers in complying with the record keeping requirements of the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administrationís drug and alcohol testing program. Each of these easy to read and time saving forms includes a guide at the bottom listing to whom, and where copies of each form should be distributed. Additionally, each of the program checklists included in the packet feature not only a list of required documents, but also the time period the form must be retained by the employer. Unlike the program forms sold by other companies, you do not need to buy our forms more than once.  IHSN provides you with a packet of master forms that can be photocopied for your internal company use. Or this packet is also available on CD (files are in pdf format) so you can print as many copies as you need.

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations:   Part 40
This book provides you with a complete copy of the current DOT Part 40 drug and alcohol testing rules..  

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations:   Part 382
This book provides you with a complete copy of the current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Part 382 drug and alcohol testing rules.  

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations:   Part 655
This book provides you with a complete copy of the current Federal Transit Administration's Part 655 drug and alcohol testing rules. 

You do not need to be enrolled in one of IHSN's service programs to order the materials above.  If you are interested in ordering any of these materials, simply call us at (800) 880-4444 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.